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I have experience teaching a broad range of linguistics courses at undergraduate and graduate levels. I have taught linguistics courses at three universities, with class sizes ranging from a dozen to a few hundred. I have taught syntax and semantics for linguistics majors and a semantics course for MA students. I am strongly committed to diverse teaching opportunities teaching and as such have given courses on linguistics in three different languages (English, Spanish and Ch'ol). I frequently integrate my resesarch with Ch'ol, Mi'gmaq and other languages of the Americas into my lectures and seminars.

University of Oklahoma

McGill University

Cornell University


I am strongly commited to additional teaching opportunities, especially with respect to teaching courses in languages other than English. As such, I was invited to teach a course on semantics for MA students in the Indoamerican linguistics program at CIESAS (Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores en Antropología Social) in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas. This course was conducted in Spanish, drawing on the textbook Fundamentos de semántica composicional by M. Victoria Escandell. In addition to speaking Spanish, all students in this course were speakers of an Indigenous language of Latin America. The course culminated in an independent research project detailing how definiteness is marked in their languages.

I have held various workshops and given guest lectures in Spanish and Ch'ol in Chiapas, Mexico for professors and students. Themes include orthography and writing workshops in Ch'ol, the basics of linguistic fieldwork, tutorials on language documentation techniques and a survey of endangered languages.